Our Mission

The Palmetto Vision Alliance maximizes resources for blind and visually impaired persons in South Carolina through collaboration, cooperation, and coordination among key service stakeholders.

Our Vision

Our vision is a vibrant, safe, transparent environment in which organizations that are serving the blind and visually impaired in South Carolina can come together to improve vision health for all residents of the Palmetto State.

What We Do

The PVA meets quarterly to:

  1. Allow organizations to share successes from programs, clients, donors, advocacy, and other disciplines to encourage the shared success of all partners.
  2. Provide a forum where organizations can share their mission, vision, goals, and priorities so that we can be more mindful of gaps in services that exist and respect the unique strengths each organization possesses.
  3. Encourage and strengthen the existing programs of all organizations to create better service delivery to our target audience.
  4. Consider opportunities to maximize resources for the blind and visually impaired through cooperation and collaboration among service partners.
  5. Create a space where we can ask questions of each other and get support for our programs, operations, and personnel.
  6. Facilitate the coordination of volunteers among our organizations when needed.
  7. Open the door to discussing collaborations such as joint proposals to regional funders, client referral systems, shared strategic visions, and more.
  8. Coordinate opportunities for collective advocacy work that allows us to speak with one unified, compelling voice on relevant issues.

Any organization serving the blind and visually impaired in South Carolina is welcome to participate.

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Our Members Make a Difference!

Vision health is seldom defined as an “essential service,” yet our sight is absolutely essential to our quality of life, safety, economic security, and general health and well-being. Learn more about how the PVA is increasing awareness of eye care in South Carolina and promoting sustainable solutions across our state.

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